In The First Nine Months Of 2016, Operations Lost Another $2.7 Million, Putting It On Pace For Another Annual Loss In Line With 2015’s Results.

Standing woman seems to be contemplating an arm holding up a fishing hook with a $100 bill on it above her Growing losses Although an OTC listing doesn’t require the disclosure of any financial information to investors, Medical Marijuana Inc. files quarterly reports and independently audited annual statements. It doesn’t take an expert to spot the big problem that would keep away institutional investors: It’s losing money. Image source: Getty Images. In 2014, the company recorded a $2.6 million operating loss, and in 2015 that that figure grew to $3.6 million. In the first nine months of Green Rush 2016, operations lost another $2.7 million, putting it on pace for another annual loss in line with 2015’s results. In recent years, Medical Marijuana Inc.’s operations have expanded from financial and consulting services related to the medical marijuana industry to include development, sale, and distribution of a variety of products derived from hemp oil, including chewing gum for pain management. The company used a combination of its own shares and debt to acquire these operations. Although operating losses appear to have stabilized last year, interest expenses associated with servicing its debts are surging. Medical Marijuana Inc.

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